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Est. 2004

Are you like me and you don't like to have what everyone else does? In order for me to find that special, unique piece, the easiest thing to do was create it. And create I did. I don't claim to be an expert in Jewelry Designing due to the fact that I am completely self taught, in fact I am the first to admit I have a lot to learn. I can't always remember the names of the gemstones I use because I have so many favorites. I only create designs that I will wear myself, that in itself becomes a problem, because then I don't want to sell the items. I want to keep them all for myself. But a girl can only have so much jewelry! (Did I really say that?).........

Warmest Wishes,
Michelle Jesmain

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Self Respresenting Artist Jewelry Designer ~
SRAJD ~ Member #1736
The SRAJD is an international organization of jewelry designers who create
and sell their own jewelry. When you purchase from an SRAJD member, you
are buying directly from and supporting the artist.

It is the mission of the SRAJD organization to raise awareness of the
benefits of buying directly from the artist. We also work as a community to
help, nurture, instruct, and encourage one another.

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